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another i.d by aierayne another i.d :iconaierayne:aierayne 2 81 Please stand by.. by aierayne Please stand by.. :iconaierayne:aierayne 0 6 throwing cards by aierayne throwing cards :iconaierayne:aierayne 1 0 a little more me by aierayne a little more me :iconaierayne:aierayne 5 20 mee by aierayne mee :iconaierayne:aierayne 2 18 corset II by aierayne corset II :iconaierayne:aierayne 1 15 corset by aierayne corset :iconaierayne:aierayne 2 10
knocking me down
i stand up just for you to knock me right back down
im imune to your knife
deaf to your words
just keep on trying to knock me down
but theres only one place that if you strike me i will fall
and thats your favorite spot
the one that cant be bared
over and over you take me down
:iconaierayne:aierayne 0 3
knowing the bad outcome
blinded by love
to careless to see all the hurt to come in her future.
shes struck by this love
her wonderful love
but in the back of her mind she knows whats to come
the unberable heart break....emotional tear... all to come....
but she will never learn...
she will never learn....
i wish you would realize.
i  wish you would see...
where this hurt is coming from
i need to see what you see...
i need you to see...
this love dose nothing but bring this all down
ill wait for the time you call
crying.. i was right....
and you should of listened
but deep inside i wish that day never to come
if i have to ill just watch you move on
'cause i know its coming soon.
i have to let you make your mistakes
learn and not try to force the truth in your sight
i step to the side and try to look away
but she doesnt realize i see the hurt in her eyes.....
she will never realize.
:iconaierayne:aierayne 0 0
she doesnt know how much longer she can keep it going,
it hurts her to see what she has done,
one happiness turns into anothers hurt,
stick another needle into her heart,
an endless needle full of agony.
but today it changes,
not a care in the world,
she puts the pain behind her,
don't let the worries show to the world,
she holds her head up high...
but her mask can only hide so much,
:iconaierayne:aierayne 2 0
Every one keeps tryin' to figure me out, They say all these things about me, They say i try to fix people, And say I'm unstable, They say all this shit about me, But you know what .. you don't even fucking know me. Every time i meet someone they always stare and say they cant figure me out, Maybe i like it that way... But no one has ever thought of that, I keep myself unpredictable.. And that's how its going to stay, They say i try to change people,  But you know what ... Those people who tell me this.. Are always the ones who try to change me. They don't ever understand what the fuck they put me through Reminding me every chance they get about everything i fail at, Everything i mess up, Every cent i cost them Why cant they just shut up  That's why they say to put the past behind  But those people just try there hardest too drag me the fuck down. but there is one other like me i know for a fact.  he doesn't try to change me he .he has me all figu
:iconaierayne:aierayne 0 0
For the Boy with the Brightest Smile and the Darkest demon inside..
For when you've lost all hope And the lights are dim Always remember i'm here I will be your guiding light through your hardest times,
ill be the one who will never give up when you feel your to far in
ill wipe the tears away and bring your long lost smile back to your face ill keep you up when you feel down ill keep your feet on the ground and when all hope is gone and the lights grow dim remember im here ill be your light through your darkest times ill be the one who caries you through the dark and brightens up the day.
with all my love,
Aier.oner (
:iconaierayne:aierayne 0 0
the past is the past for a reason. you fuck something up and you cant change it you have no choice but to move you cant change what mistake you made you can only try your best to do better in the future. but people always keep it over your head. they hold things against you and bring it up and hurt you. no matter how hard i try i cant escape from my mistakes... no matter how much i cry the pain never goes away.. no matter how much i bleed the pictures stay alive.. the moment will never cease to be.mistakes wont wisk away,,, no matter how much my head hurts or how much i want to scream i just lay here and cry,.. and tonight i cry myself to  sleep again for the millionth time again... for in my dreams i feel nothing until the nightmares make me wake.
:iconaierayne:aierayne 0 0
i.d ish.. by aierayne i.d ish.. :iconaierayne:aierayne 4 10 switch name contest by aierayne switch name contest :iconaierayne:aierayne 4 8 my bear nom nom by aierayne my bear nom nom :iconaierayne:aierayne 0 3





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Favourite genre of music: alternative
Favourite style of art: surreal/fantasy
Favourite cartoon character: chowder/Carl (the llama)/gir
Personal Quote: conversation is a two way street, if you don't put effort in don't expect me to know.
ok since i hate my name on here i have a new profile okkkk :D so look me up at :iconaiereia:all my updates will be on that one now


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SABOTAZER Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
Graffiti move the world!
wasting-time-online Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I had this odd dream about you the other day. It went from picking you up, to going to your friends house to have a party, then to an art class.
aierayne Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012
Damn is that all? No kinky?
wasting-time-online Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Nope, sorry. :D
aierayne Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012
awe :(

i miss you its been so long :((
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cheers for the fave!
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no problem :D
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Hey! Thanks for the support, i know my style is different and not the usual spray stuff. I really appreciate it. Keep on rocking sis!
aierayne Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2012
No problem and your gonna be in the feature for the contributors soon as I gett it done he'll maybe co founder bro
Jinkbot Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2012
my fucking god, i love your hair bubs! looking sexy
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